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We are committed to providing quality services to our clients through training in the cryptocurrency industry. Our goal is to see every household owning at least one bitcoin or other major digital currencies. We take our clients from not having a clue about cryptocurrency to being expects in the industry, our training is designed to be easy and simple enough for anyone to understand.
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Streams of Revenue You Will Learn


Learn how to buy and invest in crypto currencies (buy and hold method) long term investment, learn which coins are good for buy and why. Learn how to store securely the coins you own.

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Learn the art of trading crypto currencies in order to grow your bitcoin portfolio, learn to use basic to advance technical analysis to spot good buying opportunities short term.

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Learn how to research and find new opportunities in the crypto space, ICO (Initial Coin Offering) are one of the great ways to get in early on new and upcoming coins. Learn which coins offer incentives for owning them (proof of stake).

About Us

We are a training institution committed to training and educating about investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, trading digital currencies, exploring new opportunities in crypto currency industry, and mining Bitcoin and Altcoins.

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Teboho Tee Busa

My name is Tee Busa, I’m an online marketer, Forex trader, full time Crypto Currency investor, trader and miner. I’ve been involved with Bitcoin since November 2015 and I have made hundreds of thousands with bitcoin and other currencies like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, NEO, Ripple and many more. Coming from a FOREX background I found it much easier to trade cryptocurrencies opposed to FOREX and it’s less risky, yielding more profits than I ever made in FOREX.

My goal is to educate as many people as possible about Bitcoin and the opportunities that come with Crypto Currencies. I am committed to reaching out to the world especially Africa and share secrets and information that is hardly out there on how to make it in the world of cryptocurrency, be it buying and holding, trading, or mining crypto currencies, my desire is to see millions of people educated about Bitcoin and other Altcoins.

I’m a living proof that Bitcoin can change anyone’s life regardless of their background, there is no need to have prior computer or trading knowledge. My course is built to make it easy and simple for ANYONE to understand Bitcoin and be profitable in a short period of time.

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Why Crypto

Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies are fast becoming the new way to transact for services and goods. In the beginning when Bitcoin was created it had no value, the world is always looking for easier, most convenient, and cheaper way to send money across the world. Bitcoin gave the world just that, with Bitcoin it’s cheaper and faster to send money to anyone in the world without the interference of central banks. It is out of that bitcoin started to gain value from as little as 10 cents to thousands of dollars in value, Bitcoin will reach $100 000 per bitcoin in the future and even higher making it the biggest and most valued currency in the world.

It is out of Bitcoin that now there are hundreds of other digital currencies and soon there will be thousands as this market grows. In August 2017 the crypto currency market cap reached 133 billion dollars, this is just the beginning; the market cap will reach trillions of dollars in the future with trading volumes of trillion dollars per day.

Today is the best time for you to get involved in learning about cryptocurrency, this is the future of money. Those that got involved early with Bitcoin when it had no track record they took a big chance and it paid out massively for them, how much more for you now? There is a proven record that Bitcoin is real and works. Why not get involved today? There are many people who became millionaires in US dollars simply because they bought bitcoins while they were less than a dollar each. The big question is “IS IT TOO LATE TO GET INVOLVED?” NO it’s not too late for anyone to get involved, Bitcoin and Crypto Currency is not going anywhere; this industry is just going to keep on growing big and bigger. You have the opportunity to look back in the future and say I’m glad I took the opportunity while it was still early.

At Royal Crypto we teach you to take advantage of this HUGE market, by teaching you how to Spot good buying opportunities, how to trade other coins for Bitcoin, how to mine Bitcoin and other coins.

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Earn while you learn, we are giving you the best opportunity to make some extra income while you learn, earn up to 38% on everyone you share this course with. You can use the funds to invest, start trading, or anything you need to do it's your money. The best thing it's directly paid to you in bitcoins.

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